Deep involvement in the global film market

Hishow deep dives into the global film market with pursuit of distinguished and universal

contents, persisting premium aesthetic value while exploring commercially compelling success.

Firmly standing by marvelous innovators around the world, Hishow is committed to originate

a vibrant rising brand.

Focus on the development of high-quality Chinese drama

Hishow is devoted to quality Chinese series and delivers a set of exceptional and

highly praised works eyeing reality and zeitgeist. Together with numerous TV channels

and digital platforms, Hishow strides into broad and growing marketplace.

Cooperated with the world's top film and television
companies, produced and distributed more than 100 films

Hishow partners with world leading veterans and our widerange slate of films are selected

by over 200 international film festivals, including 16 Academy Award nominations,

which endows Hishow the key player of the industry.