Game Changer Opens a Strong Game on Saturday Premiere

Hishow’s first TV production Game Changer, directed by HUI Kaidong (Story of Yanxi Palace), starring HUANG Xiaoming, CAI Wenjing, TAN Zhuo, ZHANG Bo and Yowei LIN, released the first two episodes Saturday evening. The series about crisis PR has had a solid Premiere.


The first two episodes focus on a real-life-inspired case, where a Chinese passenger is forcibly removed from an overbooked flight. The audience is astonished by the way Game Changer pushes the envelope, and the relevant topics was trending on Chinese social media during and after the broadcast.


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HUANG Xiaoming’s appearance in the first episode has also caused a lot of discussions on social media. The “hobo look” is a shocking turn from Xiaoming’s usual elite image.


Game Changer releases 2 episodes every evening on CCTV 8 and Youku. It is available for international simulcast. For more information, please feel free to contact Hishow’s international team.